Very often we are faced with issues which will impact on any or all of our kpi set for Safety, Quality, Cost or Delivery of which a temporary solution has been identified that is little more that a “band-aid” ie the “Root Cause” has not been identified and the temporary solution fails only for the problem to return.

To truly identify the “Root Cause” and eliminate the issue using a structured approach is what is include within this PPS workshop. The aim is to take the client through a Structured problem-solving tool set that will aim to initially introduce the “Containment” ie protect the customer, then establish the true Counter Measure required to address the Root Cause of the problem.

The PPS process takes delegates through each of the stages of problem solving and is very TEAM focused, using data to drive analysis and ultimately making informed decisions as to the corrective actions.

The process used will present back using an A3 format commonly used in Industry to show the steps taken to reach the conclusion and ultimate Counter measure(s).