The principle of Standardised Work is that following a process improvement activity, a standard (Standard Operating Procedure) should be created and implemented to ensure there is no slipping back.

Standard Operation Procedures (SOP’s)

Standard Operation Procedures (SOP’s) should be displayed at the point of operation in a highly visible manner.

Standardised work can benefit your business as it ensures that once a process has been improved, and the waste eliminated, there is no slipping back to the old way. The process constantly has best practices applied, which forms the baseline for the new process and further improvement.

Standard Operation

Standard Operation can be described as the most efficient current method of safely meeting quality standards.

Standard Work - Clarity Visual Management

Crown Paints

From humble beginnings working in a single department of a manufacturing plant, Clarity Visual Management saved the Hull Crown Paints site 30% on general waste, £40,000 through standardising processes and enabled over 1,000,000L of paint per week to be managed fully through visual management. Read about how we took one site struggling with their Lean programme to huge success and enabled a national and global rollout for one of the largest companies in their industry sector.

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