What is Lean?

5S Workplace Organisation

5S is a workplace organisation methodology which use five steps to achieve a sustainable, tidy workplace. The five stages of 5S begin with an ‘S’, based on the 5 steps – Sort, Shine, Set in Order, Standardise and Sustain.

1. Sort
Separate needed from unneeded items, eliminate what isn’t needed

2. Set in Order
Neatly arrange what is left after sorting – a place for everything, everything in its place

3. Shine
Clean, wash & inspect the work area

4. Standardise
Create a standard practice for the above, this results in cleanliness from regular performance of the first three S

5. Sustain
This is being disciplined to continuously perform the first four S

5S is usually one of the first steps in a Lean journey. Without it, a company will not have the discipline and structure needed to implement and sustain other Lean Tools, such as creating Pull Systems (Kanban), reduce Changeover (SMED), etc.

5S isn’t just a one-off tidy up activity. 5S is all about creating an environment which facilitates sustainable orderliness and cleanliness. By creating a visually identifiable location for every required item in a work area (anything that casts a shadow), abnormalities become immediately apparent to the eye.

A clean environment also provides immediate visual cues when there is a potential issue.

Cleaning Stations

Why use the 5S Workplace Organisation technique?

  • Creates an environment which facilitates sustainable orderliness and cleanliness.
  • Identifies abnormalities as everything has an easily visible location
  • Increased efficiency
  • Opportunity to create a cleaner, and safer, environment
  • Opportunity to standardise the work area

For a detailed look at the benefits of the 5S Workplace Organisation technique and how it can be implemented in your business why not speak to a specialist today

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Pallet Bays

Case Study

“We’ve tried 6S and continuous improvement on and off at this site with various different budgets and I would say that with Clarity, this is the first time that we have had had buy-in from the top and throughout the business and it’s working better than we ever could have hoped for!”

Steve Lomax - Site Operations Manager, Crown Paints

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“We produce over a million litres of paint here a week and we do that now fully through the use of visual management. We’ve integrated Clarity’s work into our morning meetings and we can see visually at any point where we are in the production and where we are versus target.”

Steve Lomax - Site Operations Manager, Crown Paints

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