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  • Clarity Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard

    £222.60£430.00 exc VAT

    Visual management should always be as close as possible to the the process to which it applies. These boards allow you to position it in areas where there is no wall space, and to relocate it as necessary. The standard version pivots on the the horizontal axis, and the Premier version pivots on both axes, meaning that your information is displayed the correct way up when viewed from both sides. Both versions are complete with locking castors and pen tray.

  • Clarity Magnetic Folding Whiteboard (mobile)

    £235.00£398.00 exc VAT

    These folding whiteboards maximise space, offering three times the whiteboard area possible with a standard whiteboard in the same amount of wall space. They also mean that confidential or pre-prepared information can be hidden from sight, and have the option that the front faces can be replaced with cork notice-board material, if required.