Tools for 5S

Tools for 5S

5S is a Lean manufacturing tool to ensure a clean, safe & efficient workplace. There are a range of visual tools that can be used to ensure the long term success of your 5S, including cleaning stations and shadow boards.

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  • 5S Red Tags (pack of 100)

    £14.30 exc VAT

    Clarity’s 5S red tags come in packs of 100.

    Red tags are for use as part of the ‘sort’ phase of 5S. The tags are used to identify items that are unnecessary, and can therefore be tagged and set aside.

  • Bespoke Designed Cleaning Station

    ClarityVM can create bespoke cleaning stations, to supplement your Lean 5S programme, that are tailored to the specific needs of your business and workplace operations.
    As well as our standard range of cleaning stations – including waste removal, floor sweeping, floor mopping & spill kits, we can amend the designs of any cleaning station, along with the supply of products, to meet your requirements.
    POA – To discuss the options available to you, and your business requirements.
  • Clarity Cleaning Station – Waste Removal (850 x 1700mm)

    £286.00£574.00 exc VAT
    Clarity’s cleaning stations for waste removal are supplied with the following tools:
    – 1 x 600mm sweeper
    – 1 x dust pan
    – 1 x hand brush
    – 1 x long handled shovel
    We can also create bespoke designs of cleaning stations, designed for the needs and requirements of your specific work environment. Take a look at our bespoke cleaning station designs here.
    Wall mounted – £286.00
    Free Standing – £505.00
    Mobile – £574.00
  • Shadow boards

    Clarity has produced shadow boards for a broad spectrum of applications, including shadow tool boards, lock out boards

    All of our shadow boards are designed and created to your exact requirements. Therefore get in touch to let us know how exactly we can help.

  • Visual Management Boards – Bespoke design

    Visual management is key to ensure the success of any Lean programme, and also essentially a communication tool that provides up-to-date, vital information to those who need to know it.
    Our bespoke boards are all designed to suit your workplace’ requirements, so no two boards are the same. Examples of some of the boards we can assist with include, but are not limited to:

    5S/6S boards
    Continuous Improvement boards
    Job safety awareness/HSE boards
    Performance board
    Problem solving board
    Root Cause Analysis (RCA) board
    SQDIP board
    Stores hazard/incident board
    You said we did board

    ClarityVMs Visual Management Boards are designed and created to your exact requirements. Therefore get in touch to let us know how exactly we can help.
  • Clarity Cleaning Station – Work Surface (550 x 550mm)

    £91.00 exc VAT

    Supplied with all tools, including 1 x Hand Brush, 1 x Dust Pan

  • Clarity Spill Kit Station (1050 x 1700mm)

    £758.00 exc VAT

    Supplied with all tools including 1 x Dust Pan, 1 x Hand Brush, 1 x Long Handled Shovel, 1 x 400mm Squeegee and 1 x Wheelie Bin. Wheelie Bin includes: 5 x Socks, 50 x Pads, 2 x Cushions, 1 x Clay Drain Sealer, 4 x Waste Polybags, 1 x Caution Tape, 1 x Caution Sign, 1 x Absorb Powder, 1 x Operator Card.  Absorption capacity 250 litres.

    Please note the wheelie bin only comes in yellow.

  • 5S Audit Board

    £128.00£265.00 exc VAT
    • Small – 555 x 855mm (To suit a 600 x 900mm Whiteboard)
    • Medium – 855 x 1155mm (To suit a 900 x 1200mm Whiteboard)
    • Large – 1155 x 1755mm (To suit a 1200 x 1800mm Whiteboard)

    Clarity’s custom 5S audit board are a great visual management tool to ensure the success of your 5S programme. They enable the workforce to measure performance against the standards set, by embedding the audit board within the workplace.

    The dry-wipe, flexible magnetic overlay is custom designed to suit the brand requirements of your workplace, and can be used on any magnetic whiteboard.

  • Clarity Cleaning Station – Floor Mopping (650 x 1700mm)

    £187.00£549.00 exc VAT

    Supplied with all tools, including 1 x Wet Floor Sign, 1 x Mop & Bucket

  • 6S Board

    £128.00£265.00 exc VAT
  • Clarity Cleaning Station – Floor Sweeping (850 x 1700mm)

    £279.00£568.00 exc VAT

    Supplied with all tools, including 1 x Dust Pan, 1 x Hand Brush, 1 x 400mm Sweeper, 1 x 600mm Squeegee

  • Clarity Cleaning Station – Lobby Pan and Brush (650 x 1700mm)

    £221.00£509.00 exc VAT
    ClarityVM cleaning station for lobby pan and brush. This cleaning station is supplied with:

    – 1 x lobby pan
    – 1 x lobby brush
    The image shows a cleaning station with a lobby pan and brush, but has been made to the bespoke requirements of the client.