Floor Marking

Floor Markings are the foundation of many organisations’ 5S projects. Our floor marking tapes are produced to the highest quality to ensure durability and are Ideal to mark areas to notify people of hazards, restrictions or simply to increase visibility.

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Floor Marking

When implementing 5S, one of the aims is for a visitor to be able to enter a workplace and identify the flow of work within sixty seconds. It is usual to start at floor level and work your way up, and, therefore, floor markings are at the foundation of many organisations’ 5S projects. Strategic floor marking creates order and patterns of work in your facility, not only clearly defined processes and cells in the value stream, but also eliminating confusion and wasted time spent in searching within a work area. Using floor markings in warehouses to improve organisational efficiency or to identify walkways and aisles are just a few examples of how they can be used.


Floor signs, shapes and symbols

Floor signs are a simple solution to providing some structure and order to a premises. Floor graphics are designed to bring attention to hazardous areas, direct traffic and convey important safety information. Clarity Visual offers a variety of pre-cut letters, numbers, shapes and symbol floor markings e.g. directional arrows and footprints for highlighting pedestrian walkways for visual factories and more. In addition to our pre-cut selection, Clarity offers a bespoke service meaning you can customise floor signs to any shape or character, including your company logo, to tailor them for your business needs.


Floor Tape and Corners

Floor tape is an extremely effective tool when it comes to floor marking. As an alternative to painting, similar to floor signs, floor tape can help companies mark hazards, provide directions or divide spaces. Floor tape is the perfect way to set up an efficient, visual factory providing organisation and structure. Clarity’s floor tape is fume and solvent free and no curing time is needed so that the taped area is usable immediately after application. To use in conjunction with floor tape, Clarity’s floor corners and junctions are available in a range of shapes and sizes and help you create neat insertions and angles, without the need to cut mitred corners.


Projected Floor Markings

For those looking for floor markings that are easily interchangeable and movable, Clarity’s projected floor marking solution uses the latest technology to give you the ability to project your safety signage where you are unable to use traditional floor marking methods.

This dynamic solution ensures that your floor markings will never wear out, are highly visual and customisable to your business needs.

These markings contain a built-in LED projector in the parabolic mirror, meaning the LED is triggered by motion, so will only come on once a person enters that specific area. Because of this, the LED projected sign can not be covered or destroyed, making it an extremely efficient use of floor marking