Cleaning Stations

Cleaning Stations

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  • Bespoke Designed Cleaning Station

    ClarityVM can create bespoke cleaning stations, to supplement your Lean 5S programme, that are tailored to the specific needs of your business and workplace operations.
    As well as our standard range of cleaning stations – including waste removal, floor sweeping, floor mopping & spill kits, we can amend the designs of any cleaning station, along with the supply of products, to meet your requirements.
    POA – To discuss the options available to you, and your business requirements.
  • Clarity Cleaning Station – Waste Removal (850 x 1700mm)

    £286.00£574.00 exc VAT
    Clarity’s cleaning stations for waste removal are supplied with the following tools:
    – 1 x 600mm sweeper
    – 1 x dust pan
    – 1 x hand brush
    – 1 x long handled shovel
    We can also create bespoke designs of cleaning stations, designed for the needs and requirements of your specific work environment. Take a look at our bespoke cleaning station designs here.
    Wall mounted – £286.00
    Free Standing – £505.00
    Mobile – £574.00
  • Clarity Cleaning Station – Work Surface (550 x 550mm)

    £91.00 exc VAT

    Supplied with all tools, including 1 x Hand Brush, 1 x Dust Pan

  • Clarity Spill Kit Station (1050 x 1700mm)

    £758.00 exc VAT

    Supplied with all tools including 1 x Dust Pan, 1 x Hand Brush, 1 x Long Handled Shovel, 1 x 400mm Squeegee and 1 x Wheelie Bin. Wheelie Bin includes: 5 x Socks, 50 x Pads, 2 x Cushions, 1 x Clay Drain Sealer, 4 x Waste Polybags, 1 x Caution Tape, 1 x Caution Sign, 1 x Absorb Powder, 1 x Operator Card.  Absorption capacity 250 litres.

    Please note the wheelie bin only comes in yellow.

  • Clarity Cleaning Station – Floor Mopping (650 x 1700mm)

    £187.00£549.00 exc VAT

    Supplied with all tools, including 1 x Wet Floor Sign, 1 x Mop & Bucket

  • Clarity Cleaning Station – Floor Sweeping (850 x 1700mm)

    £279.00£568.00 exc VAT

    Supplied with all tools, including 1 x Dust Pan, 1 x Hand Brush, 1 x 400mm Sweeper, 1 x 600mm Squeegee

  • Clarity Cleaning Station – Lobby Pan and Brush (650 x 1700mm)

    £221.00£509.00 exc VAT
    ClarityVM cleaning station for lobby pan and brush. This cleaning station is supplied with:

    – 1 x lobby pan
    – 1 x lobby brush
    The image shows a cleaning station with a lobby pan and brush, but has been made to the bespoke requirements of the client.