Lean Definition

Action Plan

Action Plan is a list of tasks to be completed, such as chores or steps to complete a project. It is an inventory tool which serves as an alternative or supplement to memory. When one of the items on an action plan is accomplished the task is checked or crossed off.

The Traditional method is to write these on a piece of paper with a pen or pencil, usually on a note pad.

Action Plans are often prioritised. There are several ways to set priorities:

ABC Analysis

A technique that has been used in business management for a long time, is the categorization of large data into groups, These groups are often marked A,B,C hence the name.

A – Tasks that are perceived as being urgent and important

B – Tasks that are important but not urgent

C – Tasks that are neither urgent nor important.

Each Group is then rank – ordered in priority, to further refine priority, some individuals choose to then force-rank all B items to either A or C. ABC analysis can incorporate more than three groups. ABS analysis is frequently combined with the Pareto Analysis.

Pareto analysis

This is the idea that 80% of tasks can be completed in 20% of the disposable time. The remaining 20% of tasks will take up 80% of the time, This principle is used to sort task into two parts. According to this form of Pareto analysis that tasks fall into the first category be assigned a higher priority. The 80-20 rule can also be applied to increase productivity: it is assumed that 80% of the productivity can be achieved doing20% of the tasks. If Productivity is the aim of time management, then these tasks should be prioritised It depends on the method adopted to complete the task. There is always a simpler and easy way to complete the task, If one uses a complex way it will be time-consuming, so one should always try to find the alternative ways to complete each task

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