As the UK’s largest supplier of tooling to the stone industry, Stonegate was looking to transform their operations

As the UK’s largest provider of specialist products to the stone fabrication industry, and with an annual turnover of just over £6,000,000, Stonegate Precision Tooling Ltd. forecasts strong revenue growth and know that implementing Lean principles throughout the organisation is key to achieving it.

Having tried ‘Lean’ in various different iterations (and with marginal success) throughout their time in business, Operations Manager Alan Pollard understood the expertise that Clarity can bring to the business through using visual management to demonstrate value, as well as a whole host of other Lean principles, to engage the team and prove how buying into Lean benefits the organisation as a whole.

98% Average OTIF
improved from 82%

Full team engagement through daily tiered meetings implemented by Clarity
How ClarityVM Consulting supported Stonegate
Watch as Alan and Matt tell the story of how ClarityVM Consulting supported Stonegate in transforming their operations…

UK’s largest provider of specialist products to the stone fabrication industry

Matt Thomas, our Principal Consultant, underwent an Ignite Session with the Stonegate team to understand exactly what they wanted their Lean programme to achieve. It also allowed Matt to scope some ‘quick wins’, more obvious elements of Lean that are foundational in most organisations and that must be in place before more complex initiatives can be undertaken.

It was during the Ignite Session that Matt came to learn that Stonegate had used Lean consultants in the past but had been totally bamboozled with complex Value Stream Mapping and had been left with no tangible benefits out in the working areas where the value-added elements of Lean really happen.

The consultancy firm had done some good work on Value Stream Mapping but when it came to workplace organisation, 5S or simple daily meetings, these hadn’t been started and the Stonegate team were left without anything actionable.

Empowered to strive for better

Matt engaged the Stonegate team, involving the whole operations workforce, in workshops covering the foundations of Lean. Daily meetings, meaningful KPI’s and a robust 5S rollout soon followed.

The Stonegate team saw an immediate increase in their OTIF (on-time, in-full) KPI meaning orders are accurate and dispatched in a timely manner. Picking accuracy increased and the 5S programme has engaged the entire team where they are now all striving for an organised workplace.

“I believe that the business has tried Lean before and, whilst there was some success, it’s not the success that we have had with Clarity. Clarity manage visually and it’s what we need as a business operations department.”

Alan Pollard, Operations Manager at Stonegate Precision Tooling Ltd.

Perhaps the most fundamental success is that our work with Stonegate gave everyone in the operations team a score that they can trust and influence. Each and every member of the team knows whether they are having a good day or a bad day and this means that they are empowered to strive for better.

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