EMCOR UK are leaders in high-performance, sustainable facilities, asset and workplace management. Bringing together the best experts, processes and technologies, EMCOR creates high-value facilities management solutions that not only enables businesses to work better but also offers a better place for their staff to work. EMCOR work in some of the most complex and regulated workplaces in the UK – including life sciences, defence, nuclear, high-tech manufacturing and central government. EMCOR’s purpose is, quite simply, to create a better world at work for everyone.

‘A weight was lifted off my shoulders and I didn’t have to do things alone’.

– Ethan Ohs, Training Manager at EMCOR

EMCOR’s Challenges

EMCOR are responsible for integrated facilities management at the largest pharmaceutical research and development facility in Europe, managing a plethora of complex electrical and mechanical systems, facilities improvement projects and daily maintenance tasks. EMCOR needed to address CAPA (Corrective and Preventative Actions) requirements for their client, which involved processes that were defined by complex standard operating procedures. Some of these procedures entailed the detailed understanding of these documents with more than 60 pages of high-text content. For their engineers to digest these documents effectively was a challenge, especially as they were typically time poor and would have numerous tasks that would all have a complex SOP that controlled the compliance of that process in a highly regulated environment. EMCOR needed a solution to be able to ensure their engineers were trained in these procedures effectively but also time efficiently.

Our Assessment

An initial assessment of the official SOP documents and listening to the challenges faced by EMCOR’s Learning and Development team, we knew that a change to how these documents were trained to their engineers was needed. It was very clear that to simply ask their time-poor engineers to read and understand the documents would not be effective in controlling compliance to the procedure. Clarity suggested that a simplified training material was created to compliment the official SOP, which would be in the form of a condensed training presentation, following the principals used in VOP’s (Visual Operating Procedures) which are typically used in high-paced environments where complex processes must be understood in a very time efficient way using less text and more visuals, such as photographs and diagrams.

In a highly technical and regulated environment, it is important to listen to SME’s (Subject Matter Experts). We did. Our experts spent many hours listening and learning from EMCOR’s SME’s to understand every intricacy of the process, and combined this with their own work, ensuring they had a detailed understanding of the official client SOP document. Working with Ethan Ohs, EMCOR’s training manager, our experts then crafted an easily assimilated training material to ensure the processes could be trained in an easily understandable and visual way, whilst ensuring compliance to stringent requirements of the regulated SOP provided by the client,


The Results

Our work reduced the time assigned to training the procedures to EMCOR’s personnel by 75%. Previously, technical managers had failed to attend scheduled training 4 or 5 times due to being time-poor. They now welcomed the training and found it opened their eyes to new ways of working, simplified their job, and most importantly, bought them back time. The new way of training also created a more collaborative approach to training that stimulated innovation and ultimately raised the bar in the level of value EMCOR provided to its client.

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