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Visual Management can be seen as the link between the data and the people. Visual management uses visual cues to make succinct, accurate information available at all times to those who need to know it. This information is distilled down to its most basic form to give everything you need to know, and none of what you don’t!

All visual management should give a clear message at a glance, and it is good practice to challenge all visual cues against this criteria.

It is what tells people what actions need to be taken, and the effect that the actions that are being taken are having.  It also highlights immediately any situation that occurs that will compromise the success of an operation, allowing it to be fixed in the minimum time.

It is absolutely vital for releasing the potential of Lean and has the power to drive performance and to engage and enthuse the whole team to better results. Additionally, it is the key to sustaining improvements … keeping the ‘continuous’ in Continuous Improvement!

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Why should I use visual management?

Visual management is the ‘go-getter’ of Lean, the vital ingredient that brings all the effort and expenditure of initiating a Lean programme to a result.

It is the main factor in achieving employee engagement and has the power to create ownership of goals and an enthusiasm for progress that is otherwise missing. It is non-confrontational, but carries a friendly authority, and embeds the culture of Continuous Improvement in every corner of the company.

Visual management also demonstrates transparency and removes the distance between management and other levels of workers.  Information is not hidden, and the whole company is united on the same goals.

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Simply put the benefits to a visual workplace are:

• Work actually happens!
• Creates Visual Thinkers
• The Physical work environment ‘speaks’
• Bottom Line Improvement
• Improved Safety
• Company-wide alignment
• Unity


Case Study

“The work Clarity has done for our site has revolutionised the way we operate our lines; staff are actually communicating with one another and we’re all using the data and hard facts shown in the KPI boards to make decisions. Clarity’s professionalism and knowledge were a huge asset and it made the implementation of this complex project totally painless. The quality of the solutions Clarity provided is unquestioned; they assessed our needs and came up with an innovative idea which is professionally executed with a modern style. My main mission when I first started out working with Clarity was to get something in that solved our communication problems, engaged staff and looked the part – I think that through working with Clarity we’ve achieved all that and more.”

Paul Mann – Hub Operations Manager, DPD

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